Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Liberty Score

I finally made it to my Target over the weekend. I frankly was not expecting there to be much left from the new Liberty line. Imagine my surprise when I scored this beauty. The pink umbrella, just waiting for me. Needless to say I grabbed it and stashed it in my cart faster than a speeding bullet. I also managed to score a cute dress for my daughter, the keyhole top for me and a very cute bra and panty set. Frankly there was a fair amount of stuff and I was surpised but the umbrella was the best!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sunshine or Watercolor?

After starving for color for so long Jcrew has unleased it on us this spring with these great floral pencil skirt. I pre-ordered and loved the sunshine peony skirt. I totally adore it and it is planned for my easter outfit. Then I saw the watercolor floral print. My first experience with it was the candy color wool scarft, which I also have and adore. I actaully think that is the prettiest of all the pieces in this print. I like the watercolor print and if the sunshine one didn't exisit I think I'd fall for it. As it is, I think I'm walking on sunshine! Which do you think is prettiest? Did you buy both? I might consider it on reduced final sale with a % off. I have last spring floral pencil skirt (which I also love) so I'm having to think long and hard before I add any more floral skirts to my wardrobe! Happy Friday to all!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New arrivials and some musings on personal style

Well I stopped by the B & M store at San Franciso Center yesterday on my way home. I have to say my reaction was "meh". I like the bright colors and that tunic dress was gorgeous but that style does nothing for me I really have no wear to wear it any way. In general I felt like it was over priced and just more of the same. On a side note, I did love the new pencil skirts, turkish delight was delightful and both the floral skirts were pretty. However, I have my beloved sunshine peony skirt and the watercolor floral skirt from last year. I am wondering how many floral pencil skirts a girl needs? I might cave on the purple one. I did grab a chambray pop over for only $29.99 and the new hat tee.

It led me however to more musings on my own personal style. I have been pruning and weeding out my closet. Things that don't fit or that don't fit well are going and things that fit the life I wish I had instead of the life I do have are also going. I'm starting to like what remains. Basically, I wear pencil skirts with cardigans and/or button down Jcrew shirts most days. Weekends are jeans or skinny pants (think minnies and cafe capris) with flats or sandals. I'm trying for a refined and polished look that isn't old or boring. 40 is around the corner and I intend to look great when I get there!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A thing for Striped Tees

I was cleaning out my drawers this weekend and clearly I have a thing for striped tees. I have a ton! The picture does not even include the bateau tee in slate which I am currently wearing. Most are Jcrew of course, but I grabed the cute navy and white striped one from this spring at Ann Taylor Loft.
There is something about a striped tee. It says crisp, clean and of course preppy. Perfect with jeans and a blazer but equally at home with shorts and flips flops. It also makes an unexpected twist under a suit. I love it on my kids as well. Nothing is cuter than my boys in their khaki shorts and striped tees!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you really wear a pencil skirt like this?

I've seen some pictures and a fwe polyvores like this but I am wondering if this can really be done. Can you wear a pencil skirt with flats, or sandles and a casual skirt? I'm especially interested in this for this spring and summer. I grabed the sunshine peony skirt and managed to nab the watercolor floral skrit from last summer over on the JCA exchange. I love them both to death. They are work appropriate for me, I see cardis and my seashell cates as well as blanched almond juliets. But I'd be really up for expanding their rotation. I always thought that flats with pencil skirts was sort of frumpy. Does it depend on the shoe? The skirt length? Advise me please!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fastest Crewlet Trip in the West

Last Saturday my son A had a birthday party about 25 minutes from our house. It seemed to far to go and come back for a 2 hour party. But I thought, it's about half way to the nearest crewlet, where I had been dying to go. Originally I was thinking that it was only about 20 or more minutes farther down the freeway. Well it turned out to be be 40 minutes away. By the time I realized how far it was, I was committed, well obsessed really with going to the Crewlet.

I drove like a crazy person, fingers clenched on the wheel, contastantly checking both for cops and the clock. I raced into the parkinglot and figured I had 20 minutes tops. Well it was worth it. I snagged the outlet version of the lattice pencil skirt, deco dots mini, deco dots cardigan in shell, fresco print cami, the navy printed beach dress and 2 belts. All in record time.

I think that might be my new Jcrew strategy. They had almost everything from last season, gateau skirts, fresco prints, gladiola prints, dots, giraffe shorts, you name it. I might start waiting a year. It would seem fresh and new since it's not out right now but be way more affordable since I got all of the above for $200. Sound like a good idea to you?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Play Ball!

This actually occured last weekend but it took me that long to upload and share them. We finally have a new home computer that connect to the internet so I can blog personal pictures from home with my own camera! Yeah!

Anyway, my oldest son A lives to play baseball. We play in San Mateo Little League American. He is in the minors division and on the BlueClaws. Here is a shot or 2 from Opening Day.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Goodness, I've been awol all week. My apologies fellow bloggers. It's been a very long week, the kind of week that makes you think about going home and crawling inside a bottle of chardonay. But it's almost over. Despite the fact it's totally raining today here in SF I am looking forward to the weekend. Fingers crossed for little league tomorrow and then warmer sunny weather! Spring at last!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh, there you are

Remember how we have all be wondering where the adorable, timeless preppy looks and style from Jcrew had gone? Well I found it over at Lands End Canvas. My new love. This is exactly the casual, yet stylish way I like to look on the weekends and when I am not at work. Plus it's so, and I do mean, much more afordable than Jcrew. I know there have been posts about this on other blogs. Lands End Canvas really calls out to me. At least this spring. Can you hear their siren song?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How I wish it were spring!

Another chilly gray day here in Northern CA. I know we need the rain, drought and all that but I am ready for spring. I'm using this picture because I wish I were there right now! But serriously, I'm all ready for Spring. I have a bright pink pedicure, all ready for peep toed shoes, I've even started putting Jergens natural glow on my blindingly white legs. Nope joy, still in grey tights and and turtlenecks.

I find it funny, every fall, I long to put these same tights and turtleneck on. Ok, not the same ones you understand but the trappings of fall and winter. I dream of flannel slacks and boots, but it stays stubbornly warm here well into October. Then, come spring and I am ready for breezy tees and white jeans and it will rain till May.

Ok, enough whining! I've got my fingers crossed the rain stops because I've serriously got weekend plans all of which invovle the outdoors. Saturday is the opening day of little league, and we have an 11 am game with the 9 year old. Thanksfully he is the only one that plays ball. Sunday darling daughter C is supposed to sell Girl Scout Cookies at the local grocery store, again, outside. Rain, Rain GO AWAY!