Friday, May 30, 2014

The Essential Blazer

There is no wardrobe staple quite like that of a blazer. I know I could not live without mine. As I sit here at work on a casual Friday I am earing jean, a white tee, my J Crew schoolboy blazer in a heather gray and navy/pink rep striped flats from Brooks Brothers. I wore the same blazer earlier in the week with charcoal gray plaid pants and a blue button down. My personal favorite blazers are the schoolboy version from J Crew. I have one in navy and one in gray as well as a seersucker and chambray one. I do also have 2 blazers that are actual Brooks Brothers boys blazers in size 16, one in a black watch plaid and another in navy. Ironically, the navy one is currently being worn by my 13 year old son, he'll soon outgrow it and it will return to my closet full time. I found all the pictures below on Pinterest, another new obsession of mine. They reflect the more casual ways blazers are indispensable. I sort of feel the work ways are obvious. How about you? Do you love a good blazer. I made the move from cardigans a while ago and never looked back. I basically look better with a little structure. If you love blazers, do you have a favorite?
 Both this picture and the one below are how I wear blazers most, with jeans and flats to run errands or just get about town. Swap in nice pants and you've got my work attire.

 I rarely wear heels as I have huge foot issues I won't go into here but I love both these looks. I might do silver flats instead of pumps and I love the leopard clutch!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Claire Underwood

Ok, I'm late to the House of Cards party but I'm whopping it wildly now! I think Claire Underwood, as played by Robin Wright is an amazing character. I've read several articles comparing her to Lady Macbeth and that's an interesting comparison. Lady Macbeth was seen as the driving force behind the downfall of her essentially good husband. She was the conniving Eve in Scotland's Garden of Eden so to speak, tempting her husband to do an evil deed.  Regardless, her style is superb. It's very plain and minimalist but that's the key. It doesn't scream look at me, but you do. Proving once again that simple, elegant and well tailored trump flash. What do you think of House of Cards?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maxi Skirt Question

Ok, I confess that I just don't "get" maxi skirts. I'm not a huge fan of maxi dresses either although I have one I like. Maybe it's because I tend more to the "pear" shape but some how the idea of a long, clingy and often horizontally stripped tee short on my bottom half doesn't fire me up. I tend to be more of a structured person in terms of my clothes. I get that they are comfortable but some how that's not doing it for me. Am I missing something?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Ah the Memorial Day weekend! The official start to summer! May yours be filled with sun and fun!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Color Combos?

I know this is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer but my welcome summer post will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm at the office today and so I have professional on my mind. I found this on Pinterest the other day. I'm a new convert and I have to say I love it. Anyway, this burgundy, camel and pink grouping from Brooks Brothers caught my eye. I tend to be a more black, gray and white person with touches of red but I could be won over to this. One of my favorite things is to pink a color theme and stick with it. Sort of a grown up version of "granimals" where everything matches. It just makes getting dressed easier. What about you? Do you have a "signature color"?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Short Hair

I love short hair. I know I am in the minority but I've had long hair and it just doesn't work well for me. I get that it's "easy" and true, a pony tail is easy, but so it the quick 5 minutes I spend with a blow dryer and I like the result so much better. The facial feature I have always be sensitive about is my nose. I broke it as a child and it's got a bump and I always feel that tightly pulled back hair makes it more prominent. Earlier versions of my short hair cut were based on the short cut Gwyneth Paltrow rocked in Sliding Doors but my current version is based more on Claire Underwood in House of Cards. I'm a late comer to that show but have to admit I love her professional style and when I'm a Washington power broker in my next life I full intend to dress like that. How about you? Are you on "Team Pixie" or "Team Pony Tail"?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chicks with Sticks

One of the things that has kept me super busy this year is CMB's complete obsession with lacrosse. It's grown in leaps and bounds in popularity here on the west coast and CMB was inspired to pick it up by 2 amazing older girls that are friends with AGB (her older brother). She never wanted to play softball, probably because her brother is such a baseball nut, but this seems to be right up her alley. She plays for a club called the Coyotes (the black and gold above) during the regular team and on a tournament team run out of Stanford University called Tree Lax during the summer. It's a nice group of girls and really great exercise so it's hard to complain. There are no games this weekend though so I'm going to celebrate!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Style

Now that I'm not the little league president and spending all my weekend in athletic pants and a hoodie down at the ball park I've been working to upgrade my weekend wear for summer. I'm still going to games, baseball for AGB and lacrosse for CMB, but as a spectator. I'm not obliged to chalk and drag the fields, warm up pitchers, man the snack bar or otherwise run around like a crazy person. I'm in the SF Bay Area and so it can be chilly in the mornings and evenings even in summer. I'm liking these two looks from Lands End. It's sort of my new formula, Bermuda shorts, cute top, cardigan (or denim jacket) and cute flats or sneakers. So far so good. What looks do you sport on the weekends?

Monday, May 19, 2014

A New Motto for a New(ish) Me!

I know I have been gone a long time but I'm back. I feel like the last almost 6 months have been a blur. Right about the middle of December I started interviewing for a new job and landed it right after the first of the year. I'm now the Director of Compliance for a small hedge fund that has never had compliance before, just a general counsel wearing 2 hats. It's been a whirlwind getting up to speed and frankly amazingly awesome.

When I saw the statement above, I knew I wanted to come back and share. I feel like I am re-energized and back in charge of who I am and what I want. I finally feel like I am someone I want my daughter to look up to. I got a great education and when it mattered was able to step up and lead. As someone who has long been insecure and it's a wonderful feeling!

Now summer is coming and I think it's going to be great. If you are still out there reading, thanks for sticking around. If you are just finding me, welcome!