Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Secretly Southern?

You know, I think I might be secretly southern. Nevermind that I was born in California, went to college in New England and then promptly moved back to Cali for law school. Here's why and all you soughtern gals, let me know if I'm right.
1. I love sweet tea and make my own although no one else in my family will drink it.
2. My 2 sons stand up when ladies enter the room and all my kids say yes madam and no sir
3. I live in pretty sun dresses (mostly Lilly) all summer which isn't easy in foggy SF.
4. Pink is my favorite color.
5. I write my own thank you notes on personalized stationary and so do my kids
6. I never leave the house in workout clothes, even just to take the kids to school, neat and clean hair and makeup at all times!
7. I say ya'll and all ya'll and know the difference between them!
8. I never leave the house for a trip, or even work, without the beds made and kitchen tidy.
9. I fry my own chicken!

I could go on, what do you think?

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