Thursday, June 19, 2014

Monday Dress Boutique

I've been a fan of Marley Lilly for some time and consider it on of my go to places for monogramed gifts and cute looks. The same folks have launched The Monday Dress Boutique and there's some cute stuff. I am really liking the red and white striped skirt and the sailboat tunic below. Click here to check it out. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wardrobe Workhorse - The White Shirt

Time for another look at a "wardrobe workhorse" - the white button down shirt. My personal favorite in this category are the no-iron slim fit version from Brooks Brothers. They wear like iron and I never have to use the iron! (pun intended). I also like the ones from Banana Republic but I find they yellow around the collar and under the arms more rapidly than the ones from Brooks Brothers. If you aren't going to go the no-iron route, then the Haberdashery shirts from J Crew are nice and wear fairly well. I seriously can't get enough of these. I wear then during the week to my business casual office with wool trousers and pencil skirts and on the weekends with jeans or capris. I always have at least 2 in my rotation. Truly a must have. Agreed? or disagree? Discuss!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Love This!

One of my favorite preppy bloggers is the lovely Carley over at College Prepster. She featured this blazer on her blog last week. Click here to see the post. It is the Cambridge blazer in Chambray by Two Penny Blue. Check out the monogram under the popped collar. I can totally see this with white jeans on a cool summer night! The Two Penny Blue web site described the blazer as follows:
"Inspired by the traditional British schoolboy jacket, this heritage piece is the perfect classic updated with a flattering fit, and a luxurious cotton blend. Impeccable tailoring and detail. Slightly fitted through sleeve and nipped in at the waist for a flattering and feminine silhouette. Notched lapel. Small handkerchief pocket at chest. Flap pockets slightly slanted at waist. Beautiful crested gold buttons add a heritage feel. Two gold buttons on front and three functional buttons on each cuff.  Back of collar and inside of sleeves lined a with cotton tan and white stripe fabric so sleeves can easily be rolled and collar popped to create a different look. Coral piping detail along lining of blazer. Optional monogram to match coral piping, see detais below. Double vent in back for comfort. A piece so perfect you'll reach for it everyday!
The Cambridge Blazer is a one-of-a-kind, Limited Edition piece.
Proudly made with quality and care in the USA."

The best part is the for every blazer sold, the donate a school uniform to a girl in need in Africa.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

In the Pursuit of Polish

If I had to chose a word that represents how I present myself to the outside it would be polished. I've always been a classic dresser and not trendy in the least but I've always felt that polish eludes me.
This top outfit is my favorite casual look. Dark jeans, nice top, usually white but often striped, blazer (either black or navy), flats and a big tote. I might swap the blazer for a draped cardi but this is pretty much my casual uniform. 

And this is pretty much my work uniform. Nice trousers, pretty top, jewelry and nice bag. I have foot issues so I mostly wear flats. My color scheme tends towards black, gray and camel with red and forest green as my accent colors.
For years it's felt like I have all the pieces but somehow they don't add up. I've finally decided that the piece of polish that I've been missing is the confident attitude that goes with it. My clothes and accessories are fine, it's the me inside them that's the final piece. How about you? What word best describes you and how did you figure it out?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Can I get an Amen here?

This is a slightly different post from my usual "fashion/life style posts. One of the things I sometimes struggle with professionally is what I have seen called the "imposter" syndrome. You know, that sinking feeling on the first day of college (and for me law school and my current new job) that sure you got good grades and are fully qualified to be here but any second someone will realize that you are totally faking it and throw you out?  That feeling. Ick. My current role was a huge step forward for me and I am the only C-suite level woman in the company other than the HR director who is in another office. One of the blogs I love is Capital Hills Style and Belle had a great post yesterday about women in the work place and the need to apologize for being there. Please click here to read the whole post. It was really good. I've been very conscious since I started here about my language and tone. I deserve to be here and that's what I need to project. It's not always easy but I'm getting better at it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Musician

I'm certainly not musical and never have been. Our elementary school has a mandatory, twice weekly music program for 5th graders and this year was CMB's turn. When AGB was in the 5th grade he played trumpet and I felt like I had to apologize to the neighbors! CMB however, played flute and won a solo in the end of the year concert above. She might be musical after all! Next year she will move on and continue in the middle school band and it will be OPB's turn to do 5th grade music. He's already decided to play violin. Neighbors beware!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Patio Floral

As big a fan as I have been of J Crew in the past, recently I haven't been feeling the love. The recent offerings have seemed overpriced, poor quality and of questionable taste (at least to my taste). But then I saw this lovely. Now admittedly, I'm not wearing it as styled here but I wore it to the PTA lunch at my son's middle school with a crisp white blouse and nude for me pumps. I plan to wear it next week to CMB's 5th grade graduation with a navy cashmere tee and the same pumps. I could see it with a cute tee and sandals too. It's finally long enough and a substantial cotton pique which I love. So bravo J Crew, could we see some more like this?