Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally, Really, Truely Summer!

Happy Summer Solsitic to everyone! It's finally summer time! The kids are out of school and into camps and it's time for lemonade, shorts, sun and fun!  I'm trying to ignore the fact that summer in San Francisco is more often cold and foggy as opposed to warm and sunny.  I live about 30 minutes south of the City and it is often warmer and sunny at home although it does get windy in the evenings. Last night I sat at the ball park watching AGB's All Star team practice until almost 8 and it was so nice!  What is your favorite part of summer? For me it's the beach. There is just nothing like it, even though the water is cold. Also, BBQ time with friends and long evenings when it stays light! Do you have any plans?  We have a couple of camping trips but nothing big right now. Enjoy the longest day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get your Camp On

Every year Brownie Troop 32599 heads off to a weekend of Spring Camporee fun.  It's held at a YWCA camp not to far from where we live.  We mom's moan and groan about a weekend in rustic cabins eating camp food but we always have a great time when all is said and done.  As the girls get bigger they are more independant and can do some of the more fun things at the camp.  Their biggest disapointment is that they are not yet old enough for the high ropes course.  This is a group of alpha girls but they all get on well. 

 CMB and her two closes friends in the troop, R and E, drinking hot chocolate and playing bingo on night one. R won two games and a color on tatoo set with which she decorated all the girls later in the cabin.
 K, E and mom, Laura on the canoe lake.  Our troop has a less than stellar canoe history at Camporee. Last year we let K, E and CMB go out alone together and they had to be rescued from the center of the lake by the counselors, who fell in the lake during the rescue.  This year was much more sucessful with the addition of a mom in each canoe!
 CMB and R. The weather was nice and warm this year. Last year it was damp and very cold so this was a welcome change.
 CMB doing archery.  She was thrilled to be much better at this this year than last and spent almost as much time at the archery range as she did the rock climing wall!
Tie dying our camp tee shirts is a yearly tradition.  This year we managed to dye our tee shirts and not ourselves!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I love the beach. The salt water, the sand, sun, you name it.  I grew up spending summers at the beach near Santa Cruz. I suppose it is no surprise that my favorite summer scent is Beach by Bobbi Brown.  I only wear it in the summer and really on the on the weekend.  It just don't work for the office. Bobbi Brown describes it on her web site as "Designed with a lightly intoxicating blend of sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin, Beach captures the atmosphere and attitude of summer". I totally agree that is the attitude of summer. To me it smells like coppertone sun screen and candy apples on the beach. Do you wear Beach or have another wonderful "summertime" scent I am missing out on?

Friday, June 15, 2012

5th Grade Graduation

It seems ages since I posted but things have been crazy.  AGB graduated from 5th grade yesterday and we are so proud of him.  He received a medal for service on the student council, for acheivement in social studies and won the Princples Award in all three categories, Acedemic Excellence, Character and Fitness. This is a picture of him and his 4 best buddies. Afterwards we all went to Benehanas for lunch with was super fun! Middle School here we come!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All Aboard!

A few weeks ago OPB and his cub scout troop went to spend the night on the USS Hornet, a WWII aircraft carrier that is now a museum in Alameda.  They really had a good time. OPB is interested in all thinngs military and want to be a police man when he grows up so he was especially excited.