Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you have a "Signature Color"?

One of my favorite lines in the movie Steel Magnolias is when Julie Roberts says "I like pink, pink is my signature color" It started me thinking, what is my signature color? I have always considered that it was easier to have most of my clothes in one color scheme so they all go together. Sort of like grown up granimals. (remember those?) Over the years I've done navy and white and yellow, red and camel and black, currently I am sporting brown, camel and white with the pop or coral/melon. What do you think? Do you try and do this too or do you just buy those things that please you and not worry about color?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stella and Dot

Hi, just wanted to let you know that the lovely Ginersnap is hosting a Stella and Dot giveaway. You could win this fabulous Bloom necklace. So bop over there and check it out!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transtition piece? How would this work?

All the stores are starting to show fall weather clothes and I hear Back to School being thrown around. Now don't get me wrong, the high herin San Francisco will only be 60 degrees today, I'm already feeling fall. The problem is that in September when I feel ready to wear tweed and tights it will be 80. That' right, here by the bay we get our summer in September and October. Anyway, my actual question surrounds how to possibly use all the great summer floral pencil skirts we've been loving this summer as we move into fall? Watercolor, water floral, sunshine peonies, all the great skirts have been fun with bare legs and tees this spring and summer but can they move to fall? I wore the sunshine skirt at Easter with a berry merion turtleneck because it was cold then but I still wore bare legs and nude heels. How would that work with tights and boots? Any thoughts?

Monday, July 19, 2010

It Must Be Monday

You know how some Mondays just seem more, well more Mondayish than others? Well today is the Monday of them all. First, we are moving on Friday. We have spent all weekend packing and the house is a disaster. I hate starting a workweek when the house is not spic and span with all the laundry done and put away. Second, this is the really Monday part, I go into the boys room to make sure they are awake and tell them breakfast will be ready in about 10 minutes. The little one is naked, wrapped in his blanky on the floor. Apparently he wet the bed, took off his wet pjs, put them in the hamper and went back to sleep. He's 6, I can't remember the last time he wet the bed. He told me "the pee escaped". Then I look at the big fellow. He's 9. He had a bloody nose in the night and is stuck to his pillow. Suffice to say there are sheets being washed at my house now. Monday, Monday, don't trust that day! Hope there isn't anything else in store for me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I know I have been lagging in my posting recently but I finally took a whole week off work, something I rarely do. We took the kids and went camping with hubbys side of the family up to Ashland Oregon. It's a long drive from here but worth it. Hubby grew up going to this same camp grounds with his whole family and another family that were close friends with his parents. Now the younger generation continues which is fun. There is a lake so we rent a boat and go fishing. There are tons of older cousins so my kids pretty much just run around all day. Fun! Here's a shot o fmy three kids in the lake.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Serriously J Crew, Really?

Just when I think maybe it is safe to check back in a J Crew, that maybe they will rediscover that fabulous classy style that made me love them I stumble on something like this. J Crew calls this the Liberty Bustier Cami. All I can say is OH My GOD, and not in a nice way. It's also $225, so not use totally ugly but expensive and totally ugly. Just to be clear, it is shown over the gray tee. Does it seem to you that J Crew has swerved off the track here? Not going in my shopping cart that is for sure!