Wednesday, March 28, 2012

80's flashback

Last weekend was the girl scout father and daughter dance. Some years these are billed as "semi formal" and some years they are themed. This year had a 80's theme. It is funny to see clothes I remember wearing in high school as a theme! I must be getting old. Anyway, CMB wore skinny jeans, 2 polos with the collar popped and then 2 pairs of socks with high tops and a side pony. Here she is with her best friend R who is dressed as Madonna. They had a blast as always. The dad's wouldn't let me photograph them but the members only jackets were in attendance!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainy day flats?

I live in Northern California so when we have rain it's usually cold out and wellies work great. But I have seen several new pairs of flats that seem to be intended to be worn in the rain. The shoe above is from J Crew (of course) and called the rainy day flat. In addition to this great blue color it comes in black and also a color called neon peach. They are cute but do kind of remind me of the "jelly shoes" I wanted so bad as a child that my mom thought were trashy. J Crew's web site touts them as "perfect for puddle jumping" which to me is something my kids did when they were small in their rainboots. A wellie wearing activity so to speak. I can see how these might be ussul for communting in summer rains in places where it rains and is warm/humid like the South and North East and wellies would be really to warm. But it seems like your feet would get wet anyway and don't you think they would rub? What do you think? Do any of you own this type of shoe?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Vibrant Flame

I finally got my hands on the j Crew Number 2 pencil skirt in vibrant flame. It sol out in my size almost at once so I have been stalking ebay and finally succeeded. I actaully am in two minds about it. First off it's wonderful in the way all of the double serge wool skirts are. The linning is nice, the maerial is great and it just feels like a solid classic. The color is not quite what I was expecting. It's almost more orange than red. I actually have an older J Crew Robert Noble plaid balzer with leather buttons that is almost this color. I'll have to try them together. Today I am wearing it with a gray polka dot cami and a gray boyfriend cardigan for work. Do you own this skirt? What do you think?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Student Council

On of the fun things about 5th grade is that there is student council. AGB is the school spirt leader. He loves that. He gets to lead the school assemblies and plan fun spirit days like pagama day. Last night the student council was invited to lead the flag salute at the city council meeting nin our town. They were super excited to be introduced as the leaders of tomorrow. This is AGB with his best buddie JJ who is the vice president and Y who is the school president.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flower Power!

This year AGB's 5th grader calss will be fundraising for their promotion festivities with a flower bulb sale through Flower Power during the month of March.Traditionally, the 5th grade class gives back to Park School through an improvement project, anticipated cost: $2000. We hope that the bulk of these funds will be generated by the flower bulb sales. For every flower bulb purchase, the 5th grade class will receive a profit of 50%! Please take your order form and invite your family and friends to support the 5th grade class. If you have family and friends that are not in the area, you can still ask for their support by giving them the direct link to our fundraiser below.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Opening Day

The Opening Day for our little league was March 3rd. I am the league president and for those of you who have kids in youth sports, kiss the next volunteer you see. I had been on the board as Secratary the past 2 years but the sheer amount of work needed to get the season off the ground was staggering. It was all worth it when the Mayor of ourlittle town yelled play ball. I love this photograph. Every year the local ladder truck comes and raises the flag over our field so we can say the Pledge of Alligence and sign the Star Spangled Banner. Then all the kids crowd onto the in field and a photographer snaps this same shot. It was an amazing day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flair or Pencil

I love J Crew skirts and wear one to work almost every day. I've always adored their pencil skirts, especially the double serge wool ones. Trouble is they don't fit me quite as well. I usually buy them a size larger and alter the waist. I'm tall but curvey with a small waist and this year J Crew came out with something just perfect. The flair skirt. With a small waist and a-line shape I think they are really more flattering on me. This red rose print is my favorite but I also have navy and camel. I missed the henna and plaid but if anyone has a 10 in those colors, let me know! What do you think, pencil or flair?

I adore the floating rose print. I only have this skirt but wish I had grabed other pieces in this print. The Ebay and JCA stalking has begun!

A staple and a classic but somehow the other skirt just fits me better!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Color in the Spring

It really felt like spring here this past weekend. First of all, it was opening day for our little league. It was crazy but we are finally off and playing ball. It's been quite a journey (I'm the president) but all is well and hopefully will continue. Secondly, the weather was just amazing. Warm and sunny, really just perfect. In the spring, I always think of color. I love this shot above from Brooke Brothers spring collection. This contrasting cardigan and button down is one of my most trusted go to looks. I wear it with jeans on the weekends and with skirts and trousers during the week. Something about this look spoke to me. It's a slightly more adult looking way to wear color, as it it's not super bright so it somehow feels more office appropriate to me.