Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Essential Item - The Navy Blazer

I know I have posted in th epast about the Navy Blue Blazer. Yes, I think the item is so important that it deserves to be capitalized.  I certainly could not live without mine.  Did you know that a true Navy Blue Blazer has gold buttons?  That's how you tell it from a navy juit jacket. The gold buttons are a reminder of the true naval heritage of the Navy Blue Blazer.  That piece of trivia is brought ot you via the Brooks Brothers blog. Anyway, mine is not the J Crew school boy above, although it looks good.  Mine is what I think of as a true school boy in that is it a Brooks Brothers boys blazer in a sz 16. I wear it with a tee and jeans, to the office with good slacks, over a dress for some fun.  It's a true closet workhorse. Truely an Essential Item!

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