Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm at a loss

Ok internet friends, I'm totally at a loss. I need some new items and am struggling to find quality, classic attire. I'm 44, an attorney in a business casual company and the look above pretty much is a good example of how I like to dress. Usually I wear dress slacks, a nice button down or sweater and some classic jewelry. Navy, gray and white are my main colors with red and dark green as accents. Anyway, I'm having the worst, and I do mean worst time right now. J Crew and Banana are awful, Loft looks to young and cheap and don't get me started on Old Navy and Gap. I love Brooks Brothers and try to hit their sales. Any other suggestions? Talbots always seemed like where my grandmother shopped but may? Thoughts?


  1. I like Pendleton and used to frequent their outlet stores in Tennessee and Virginia, but they closed the outlets. I love their Lana skirts.

  2. Have you checked out Good quality and great style basics, affordable too!