Monday, May 18, 2015

Yoga, a new discovery

It sometimes seems like I have tried every exercise trend/style in the world. I've been a runner, a swimmer, a biker. I've done barre classes, wii fit and I own enough exercise DVD's to stock a library. But I'd never done yoga before. I've been dealing with some personal issues and battling some personal demons and my doctor suggested I give it a try. I started with a video for complete beginners that streamed free on my kindle. It was really good but I thought I should make sure I was doing things correctly so I signed up for a few classes at the studio by my house. I can't explain how much I love it. I actually look forward to it, which I never thought I'd say about working out. I took my first "open level" as opposed to beginning class this weekend and smiled all day. I try and get to the live classes 2 times a week and do the videos on the other days. It's really been amazing and I'm a total convert. Anyone else?

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  1. I used to take yoga classes and then things came up and I so need to get back to it.
    I know I need something that is just for me and helps me relax.
    I am thrilled that you like and enjoy it.