Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally, Really, Truely Summer!

Happy Summer Solsitic to everyone! It's finally summer time! The kids are out of school and into camps and it's time for lemonade, shorts, sun and fun!  I'm trying to ignore the fact that summer in San Francisco is more often cold and foggy as opposed to warm and sunny.  I live about 30 minutes south of the City and it is often warmer and sunny at home although it does get windy in the evenings. Last night I sat at the ball park watching AGB's All Star team practice until almost 8 and it was so nice!  What is your favorite part of summer? For me it's the beach. There is just nothing like it, even though the water is cold. Also, BBQ time with friends and long evenings when it stays light! Do you have any plans?  We have a couple of camping trips but nothing big right now. Enjoy the longest day!

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  1. Happy Summer to you and your family. Lots of trips planned to the NC beaches this summer (as well as our neighborhood pool) This heat wave is a killer though!