Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best In Shoe

These may be the best shoes I have ever worn. They are the Banana Republic Ashley Ballet Flat and retail for $98. The sole is synthetic but the uppers are all leather and they have a memory foam cushioned sole and a very slight interior wedger which gives them more support that totally flat shoes like the Tory Burch Revas. I have foot issues these days. A combination of bunions (gross I know) and athritis in one ankle caused by a long ago compound fracture have made heels harder than they were. I have long loved the look of J Crew flats but find them increasingly expensive for the quality and frnakly, not comfortable.  I love my revas but they are expensive and have zero support. These babies may ber perfect on every level. The price is quite reasonable for the quality and Banana is know for their promotions. I bought the beauties in camel and gold above yesterday for 40% off which came to $63 and since the 40% promo is still on in stores, I am thinking of running back at lunch for the leopard ones and maybe one other pair. They come in tons of fun colors too!

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