Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm sorry, what?

This are just two pictures I chose that illustrate my continued disillusionment with J Crew. It used to be my favorite place to shop. Their button downs and skirts as well as blazers were my favorite. I have a navy and a grey school boy blazer from the first season. Now it's just, well icky, for lack of a better word. Maybe I am to old? But those messy hair, super skinny rumpled looks do not inspire me. What about you?


  1. I agree about J. Crew. It isn't the store it was 20 years ago! I still love the Jackie cardigan though. That's one of my favorite go-to sweaters in the spring and fall. I shopped regularly at Talbots for several years because they make petite sizes. But, now they seem to be headed in a direction that I don't like. Ann Mashburn has beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous clothes, but no petites. It's getting difficult to find quality, classic pieces.

  2. I like the "Claire" cardigans that I get at the factory store and that's about it. I like Pensleton skirts, but there is little variety. I wish they would bring back the old Talbot's and J Crew.

  3. Oh good, I'm not alone. I remember walking into J.Crew at the beginning of Fall and amazed at how boring everything was. It was athletic inspired and there was nothing like the pink blazers, whimsical skirts and blouses and statement necklaces that I had loved from years past. So Anthropologie and ModCloth got more of my money this past holiday season.
    I'm glad I am not alone,