Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Word For 2015

Every year I seem to make the same resolutions. I swear I'm going to eat better, run more, and so on and so on, you get the picture. This year I am trying to simplify everything and focus on what matters. I tend to have a lot going on between work, family and my volunteer obligations. Yes, I am a sucker for volunteering, especially at the kids schools. I currently am the PTA president and carnival at the elementary school my youngest attends and the 8th grade dance chair at the middle school. Fortunately, this is our last year in elementary school, next year both the younger ones will be in middle school and my oldest will be in high school, wow am I old. Anyway, back to the point. In the spirit of simplicity, rather than a series of goals for 2015, I am have decided to chose one word that stands for my focus in 2015. There could be a lot "mini goals" involved in the one word but that's not the point. This year my focus is "Enjoy". I tend to be an anxious person and see to spend so much time rushing and worrying that it often seems I'm not enjoying where I am now. My father recently was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I want to enjoy the time remaining. My kids are growing up fast, I want to enjoy being with them. I've been married 20 years, I want to enjoy that. I have lots to enjoy and I'm going to try and focus on it in 2015. What about you?

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