Monday, July 27, 2015

Having a Uniform

I went to Catholic school growing up and always wore a uniform. Now, of course I'm getting dressed for work and not school. However, I still find that I have a daily uniform. I've changed and refined it  a bit over the years but the trend remains. I work in a business casual office as the Director of Compliance for a hedge fund in the Bay Area. No jeans but pretty casual otherwise. Recently, I have had some serious foot and ankle issues that are a combination of arthritis and a bunion. My doctor ordered that I try and reduce the stress with flats. And, since I like being able to walk without pain, I've complied. My current uniform is similar to the above. Slim, usually ankle length pants (I love the sloan style from BR) I then wear a silk shell, a Tippi sweater, nice tee or some other top layer and a blazer. My shoes are flat, upscale loafers. I wrote about my favorite ones here a few days ago. I'll add a scarf or necklace to perk things up and there we go. I also tend to always have the same colors. They are navy, Khaki or camel, gray and I use green and red as accent colors. What about you, do you have a uniform?

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