Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A bathroom or middle school, a moving tale

Well we are getting ready to move. The land lord of the 3 bedroom 2 bath (very large) home we have been renting the past 5 years has finally jacked up the rent beyond the breaking point and we are looking for new digs. Let me give you a few point of background, we live on the Peninsula area of the SF Bay, it's not cheap. I work in SF so we aren't moving any further south where it wouldbe cheaper. We have 3 kids, all school aged. Finally we are still moving slowly back to financial stability after my husband starting his own company, hence not ready to buy.

Now, with that background we did find a house. Note that it is not the cute one posted above. I only wish. It's extremely cute but totally tiny. It has 3 bedrooms but only 1 bathroom. There are 2 major upsides, it will save up almost $1000 a month, not a small sum and finally it puts us in the good middle school district without having to worry about a transfer. That as far as I am concerned is worth a bathroom.

My oldest son is almost 10. He'll be in 4th grade when school starts in September. Middle school is 6th grade out here. My husband found a house with 2 bathrooms but it feeds to the worst middle school in the district, the transfer rate is almost non-existent. My son is a very sweet, totally cute looking, sports obsessed guy. The kind of kid who gets stuffed into lockers and garbage cans. He also has dyslexia and because he doesn't act out when he is having trouble could easily fall through classroom cracks.

So all in all, I'm willing to trade that extra bathroom for the good middle school. I think it's worth it.

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