Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In which I stop drinking Crewlade and sample Banana Bread

I have sobered up from my latest bout with the crewlade and found a new obsession with the Banana (Republic) Bread. I know i have posted in the past about my ongoing issues with my feet and the impact it has had on my usual work uniform of pencil skirts and heels. Well I went to the podiatrist last week and he was very blunt. Stop wearing heels or I am looking at drastic foot issues. I have a decent size bunion on my left foot, a bone spur in the same big toe on that foot and degenerative arthritis in my left ankle. Long story short, time to wear flats.

The over the long weekend I wandered into a Banana Republic. A very nice sales lady offered me an instore coupon. I opened it and low and behold it was good for 50% off! I ended up with 3 new pairs of super trousers which look great with my flats and cute blouses. All for less than $150. I also bought 2 new belts. I already had the blazer in the picture above so these cute pants are among my new acquisions. I still love the Crew but I have been progressively less thrilled by each recent rollout. Banana Republic had the classy, stylish, polished look I was after. I think their stuff is well made and of equal if not greater quality. Not to mention the fact I always get free shipping if I use the Banana card and if I don't then it's a flat $7. All in all, I may be eating more Banana Bread and drinking less Crewlade.

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