Monday, June 14, 2010

Troop 32599 and our First Camporee

This past weekend my daughters Daisy Troop attended our first Spring Camporee. For those of you without girl scouts, Daisys are like pre-brownies. All the girls in our troop just finished first grade. We will be Brownies in the fall. I confess I was really dreading it. Would you want to spend 2 nights in one cabin with 10 7 year old girls and 8 other mommies where you all slept in bunk beds and had to out outside (a 5 minute walk) to the closest potty? Not to mention eating camp food?

Well it was really fun, we rode horses, hiked, canoed, roasted marshmellows, sang songs, did arts and crafts, went swimming. Frankly I was so tired I thought I would drop by Sunday when we got home. The girls had a great time. Amazingly, no one got hurt, there were very few tears and everyone got along pretty well which is saying something for 10 girls. All us moms had a pretty good time too. I don't have any outfits of the day or fashion tips because frankly I wore the same pair of cut offs from Friday night till Sunday afternoon with various grungy tee shirts. I did manage one shower (late Saturday afternoon).

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