Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transtition piece? How would this work?

All the stores are starting to show fall weather clothes and I hear Back to School being thrown around. Now don't get me wrong, the high herin San Francisco will only be 60 degrees today, I'm already feeling fall. The problem is that in September when I feel ready to wear tweed and tights it will be 80. That' right, here by the bay we get our summer in September and October. Anyway, my actual question surrounds how to possibly use all the great summer floral pencil skirts we've been loving this summer as we move into fall? Watercolor, water floral, sunshine peonies, all the great skirts have been fun with bare legs and tees this spring and summer but can they move to fall? I wore the sunshine skirt at Easter with a berry merion turtleneck because it was cold then but I still wore bare legs and nude heels. How would that work with tights and boots? Any thoughts?


  1. Could you pick up a lightweight cardi in the somewhat camel/nutmeg color that seems to be next to the yellow cluster of flowers around the hip area? Then get a skinny patent belt in the yellow color.
    Maybe one of the JCrew silky neck ruffle style shells in cream, the camel cardi and then a Juliet Style camel pump. Nude legs.

    Another idea and this so might not look right. But, you could get a very feminine cut medium wash denim button down and camel pumps. Cuffs rolled up once and chunky gold bracelet. More casual, so not sure if that is office friendly.

    Good Luck.

  2. I think there are lots of ways to tone down the floral fabrics (colors) and make it more Fall as these all have shades of carmel/brown etc. but it's the LEGS that make all the difference. Unfortunately, I don't think black tights (or any color) are gonna work and it will look like you are wearing a Spring/Summer skirt but trying to *make it work* for Fall. It's a bummer, indeed.