Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you have a "Signature Color"?

One of my favorite lines in the movie Steel Magnolias is when Julie Roberts says "I like pink, pink is my signature color" It started me thinking, what is my signature color? I have always considered that it was easier to have most of my clothes in one color scheme so they all go together. Sort of like grown up granimals. (remember those?) Over the years I've done navy and white and yellow, red and camel and black, currently I am sporting brown, camel and white with the pop or coral/melon. What do you think? Do you try and do this too or do you just buy those things that please you and not worry about color?


  1. Dear Dancing as Fast As I Can,

    I am sorry I couldn't find your name or an email address to reach you. I couldn't find either on your website.

    I do freelance work for a well-known clothing retailer and I wanted to discuss some opportunities with you and gauge your level of interest.

    Would you email me at ?

    Many thanks,

  2. Yes, mine is purple. Love the shade in all its glory from light to dark:)