Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I've decided to buy one more skirt during the current J Crew promo. It's 25% off, plu i have my rewards card and 8% with ebates so it seems ot good to pass up. So it's decision time. I'm wanting a great camel skirt since my color story has evloved to be camel, gray, navy and touches of red. So should I get the pencil? It's totally classic

Or should I get the flair. I admit the a-line shape appeals to me more than the pencil which I usually have to buy a size up and have altered because I have hips but a small waist. Still, I worry that this shape will seem dated next year while the pencil will be classic forever. Also, it somehow reminds me of middle school.

Now I totally went nuts and bought the skirt in virideian green. It hasn't shipped yet but I couldn't resist the color.

If I have the green one, do I need the blue one?I missed it the last time it was out and have lusted for it since then. I haven't seen it in person but understand it's really bright. They both seem pretty similar, in that they are statements, in a classic shape. I don't think I can justify both. Which do you like best?

Decisions, Decisions. I may just get the camel pencil and call it good. Do you have any of these? What do you think?

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