Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Wardrobe Staple

There are certain items that are just the building blocks of a wardrobe, at least mine. A navy blazer, a striped boat neck tee, you get the idea. Another absloute staple is the short sleeved cashmere tee. I have several of these but the black one is most certainly the centerpiece. Today I am wearing it over a white turtleneck with gray skirt and tights. Saturday I think I will wear it to pick out our tree over the tartan boy shirt. A short sleeved sweater just can do so many things. Here in Nothern California, where our summers are cool and foggy, they can be worn to the office with skirts and trousers and look polished and puleld together. In the winter they layer over tissue turlenecks and button downs for that extra layer. Truely a cornerstone in my closet. Do you agree?

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