Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I tend to do alot of posts on cousins. My kids have alot of cousins. On Hubby's side they are the youngest and there are 15 cousins older than my kids, the oldest of whom is married with kids. On my side my kids are the oldest and there are only my sisters two. However, we see them the most since we live close. My sister's son and OPB are besties. However, this post is girl cousin based. My daughter, CMB is 8, my sisters little girl E will be 3 next week. They haven't really had alot in common until now. E is finally old enough to ride the pony and CMB loved that. This past weekend we had a race meet on the day before our opening hunt. CMB rode her new horse Dancer and E made her debut on the pony, Baxter. CMB used to ride Baxter but has finally grown to tall. You can see Baxter behind the girls and the trailer. He's totally darling and a great first leadline pony.

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