Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Key Nautical Pieces for Spring

Nautical looks are always big for spring and this year seems to be no exception. I love navy blue, I prefer it to black so I adore this chnace to pick up new pieces. It's hard to find navy pants, except in the spring. Anyway, there are always a few key pieces that help to establish a nautical feel to your wardrobe
First is white jeans. These are a spring/summer staple for me. After Memorial Day of course! I do love these j Crew skinnies but have to confess I prefer bootcut white jeans. I also love my white J Crew cafe capris. Remember that white must be spotless so it needs to be replaced when it starts to yellow or otherwise look dingy!

Skinny red pants. Bright pants are all the rage and although I am waffling on the look I adore these from the Gap. I think they are something I will have to try on. I can just see them with a navy and white striped tee.

A nautical print is also fun to throw in. This tee from Banana Republic is boaty but not over the top. I can totally see it with navy slack or a navy pencil skirt and the office to add some fun and then with shorts or capris for the weekend.

Nothing says nautical like a striped shirt and J Crew is my go to place for this. Whether they are red and white or navy and white, long or short sleeved, I can never have enough of these. I love this one and have added it in to my rotation.

Do you go nautical in the spring?


  1. Wearing white year round is OK you know:) Don't live by the old rules...

  2. P.S. White Bright and Biz keep my whites from yellowing or being dingy. I am a lover of doing laundry and I have whites that are years old that look AMAZING:)