Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whiter than white

As warm weather approaches it's time to start bringing those white jeans back into rotation. Or maybe they never left for some of you. I know that white jeans especially are no longer subject to the not after labor day or before memorial day rule. How do you keep yours white? I used to rely on good, old fashion clorox but found that over time, in addition to wearing out the fibers, the bleach caused the whites to yellow. My personal favorite is oxy-lean. I throw a cub full in with all my white loads but for white jeans, capris and my favorite white shirts, I usually saok them in an oxy-lean solution before washing. Another great stain fighting tip is to make paste of oxy-clean and water, spread it on the stain and put out in the sun before washing. Any tips to share?

1 comment:

  1. I like Biz. I have not found Oxy Clean to work for me but I have tried it several times with no results:( Biz is my favorite stand by and it can be made into a paste as well. Also, good old fashioned bluing can brighten your yellowing whites. I also like White Bright or Brite...not sure of the spelling...:)