Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flair or Pencil

I love J Crew skirts and wear one to work almost every day. I've always adored their pencil skirts, especially the double serge wool ones. Trouble is they don't fit me quite as well. I usually buy them a size larger and alter the waist. I'm tall but curvey with a small waist and this year J Crew came out with something just perfect. The flair skirt. With a small waist and a-line shape I think they are really more flattering on me. This red rose print is my favorite but I also have navy and camel. I missed the henna and plaid but if anyone has a 10 in those colors, let me know! What do you think, pencil or flair?

I adore the floating rose print. I only have this skirt but wish I had grabed other pieces in this print. The Ebay and JCA stalking has begun!

A staple and a classic but somehow the other skirt just fits me better!

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