Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainy day flats?

I live in Northern California so when we have rain it's usually cold out and wellies work great. But I have seen several new pairs of flats that seem to be intended to be worn in the rain. The shoe above is from J Crew (of course) and called the rainy day flat. In addition to this great blue color it comes in black and also a color called neon peach. They are cute but do kind of remind me of the "jelly shoes" I wanted so bad as a child that my mom thought were trashy. J Crew's web site touts them as "perfect for puddle jumping" which to me is something my kids did when they were small in their rainboots. A wellie wearing activity so to speak. I can see how these might be ussul for communting in summer rains in places where it rains and is warm/humid like the South and North East and wellies would be really to warm. But it seems like your feet would get wet anyway and don't you think they would rub? What do you think? Do any of you own this type of shoe?


  1. Love these but agree with you on the rubbing issue. Any way to check a review on these shoes before purchase?

  2. I think if the inside got wet your foot would slip around in the plastic shoe and be "slippery" there would need to be some kind of soft lining I would think to hold your foot in place.