Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blazer or Cardigan?

I've always been a cardigan girl. I would layer them over anything. Here in Norther CA it often is cooler in the evenings and my all purpose navy cardigan got a lot of wear. However, lately I have been reaching for my blazers more than cardigans. My personal favorite is the J Crew Schoolboy blazer. I have the navy one below, plus camel, pearl gray, and red. I also have a great one in blackwatch plaid that is actually a Brooks Brothers boys blazer in a size 16.  As I get a little older (ok 42) I think the blazer just looks sharper and more pulled together with my jeans and work slacks. I love the look below and totally plan to recreate it as soon as it gets a little cooler. Not the newsboy cap though. I have short hair and that would look ridiculous. What do you think?  Blazer or cardigan?

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