Friday, February 1, 2013

The Power of Cousins

I was always the oldest growing up. My closest cousin was 10 years younger. I used to babysit, not play. I'm glad my kids are getting experience the fun of cousins first hand. On Hubby's side, my kdis are the youngest. The oldest there are married with kids of their own. But on my side my kdis aer the oldest and there are several pretty close in age. They sure have fun!
 This is my son AGB with his youngest cousin E. She is my sister's daughter and just worships him. He is very good with her and lets her follow him everywhere.
 This is my son OPB with his cousin T. T is my sisters son and they are only about 16 months part. They consider each other their best friend and get on great!
This is the whole bunch. My kids, my sister's and my cousin"s. My cousin's kids are just slightly younger then OPB and T and a little odler than my sister's youngest, E. Right in the middle you might say. This picture is up at the family cabin near Yosemite where we go every summer for a long weekend of 'cousin fun"!

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