Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Sorry J Crew

J Crew has alway been almost my favorite place to shop.  Lately though, I find my self not finding anything that appeals to me, in the stores, online or in the "style guides" as they now call their catalogues. Maybe I'm getting older?  Or just maturing but what I see are shorts and skirts that are way to short for my 5 foot 8 inches self, as well as being office and mom inappropriate. Bending down is a requirment! The dresses are very high waisted in addition to being short. I also feel that the quality has declined relative to price. I am also put off by the super skinny, messy haired, almost druggie looking models they use.  Remember Annouk? Vannessa? Those were the days.  Anyway, I've been looking more and more at Banana Republic these days. In addition to great sales and promotions they always have free shipping over $50, reviews on their web site and I get way better cardsholder benefits. I still admit their are few things almost no one does better than J Crew, I love my Schoolboy blazers, my 5 inch chino shorts and my gingham perfect shirts. But that's it. And I can tell you that I thought the ones I saw in the strore yesterday in the spring rollout were way less nice than the ones I have from a few years ago!What do you think?
 Love both these looks and more importantly, can totally see myself in them.  Maybe that's why J Crew isn't working for me right now. I just don't see myself living my life in the clothes they are producing!

These are the most comfortable flats ever! I know own them in this lovely combo, black, orange and leopard and plan to continue building my collection!

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  1. Thanks for the post. I am feeling the same way! I used to be head over heels crazy for JCrew for the past 12 years and I love my older items still. I cannot find anything I like anymore and the quality has declined with rising prices. I used to save my catalogs and pour over them and now they go in the recycle bin the next day. I haven't even opened my style guide. Still sitting in last weeks mail pile:) Normally, it would have been opened on the way in from the mailbox. I don't think it has anything to do with age just their changing style, price, quality, etc. I doubt I will be a single thing from them this spring/summer. We are about the same age and I am tall too 5'10"