Thursday, June 13, 2013

12 Year Old Day Fun

In our ltttle league we have a tradition of celebrating our graduating 12's. In case you didn't know, kids "graduate" out of little league at 12 and go on to Pony League or Babe Ruth. Anyway, it's a fun day with a pick up game of baseball, a BBQ sponsored by the league, a home run derby and a most accurate arem contest. This year we splurged and bought new uniforms for one of our all star divisions so we gave all the old jerseys to the 12's, along with a bunch of sharpies. They had their friends, coaches and managers sign them and then they got to keep them. It was a long day but the boys really had fun!

This is me, in the center, with 2 of my other long standing Board member friends who were helping out

The boys eating between games

The 12 year old graduating class of SMLLA
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