Friday, June 28, 2013

Statement Sickness

Recently I have been loving the look of a simple top, blazer and a statement necklace with work pants/skirts as well as jeans and shorts. I fear I may have developed an obbession. Costume jewlery like this is a great way to perk up what would otherwise be a bland outfit. I love the ones fom J Crew but find them as tad pricey so I often buy target versions or wait till they go on deep sale. What about you? Do you make a statement?
 I love this one from J Crew factory, it's 50% off right now so I may grab it. 
 I love the classic bubble necklace. This is the factory version but I have a red one and a turquoise one I bought on ebay that I wear a ton. 
 I love this tortoise bloom necklace from J Crew. It's still a bit pricey so I'm holding off. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I'm not spending it on costume jewlery. 
 I have a similar Kate Spade necklace that was a gift. 
 This is from Banana Republic. It's not as pricey and so it may be going home with me soon. 
This one is new from Banana. It's quite pricey and fairly large. I think it's prettty but will pass for now. I have an older Stella and Dot necklace that is sort of simliar. 

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