Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maxi Skirt Question

Ok, I confess that I just don't "get" maxi skirts. I'm not a huge fan of maxi dresses either although I have one I like. Maybe it's because I tend more to the "pear" shape but some how the idea of a long, clingy and often horizontally stripped tee short on my bottom half doesn't fire me up. I tend to be more of a structured person in terms of my clothes. I get that they are comfortable but some how that's not doing it for me. Am I missing something?

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  1. Love them. I have the JCrew one from above in the ivory/black. This color you have shown is just sitting still forever in the sale section....Boden has awesome maxi skirts. Full circle skirts and in talls that go past my ankle. I bought 4 colors! I also own two maxi dresses that I bought in 2009 when I lived in the UK. They are the bomb:)