Friday, May 30, 2014

The Essential Blazer

There is no wardrobe staple quite like that of a blazer. I know I could not live without mine. As I sit here at work on a casual Friday I am earing jean, a white tee, my J Crew schoolboy blazer in a heather gray and navy/pink rep striped flats from Brooks Brothers. I wore the same blazer earlier in the week with charcoal gray plaid pants and a blue button down. My personal favorite blazers are the schoolboy version from J Crew. I have one in navy and one in gray as well as a seersucker and chambray one. I do also have 2 blazers that are actual Brooks Brothers boys blazers in size 16, one in a black watch plaid and another in navy. Ironically, the navy one is currently being worn by my 13 year old son, he'll soon outgrow it and it will return to my closet full time. I found all the pictures below on Pinterest, another new obsession of mine. They reflect the more casual ways blazers are indispensable. I sort of feel the work ways are obvious. How about you? Do you love a good blazer. I made the move from cardigans a while ago and never looked back. I basically look better with a little structure. If you love blazers, do you have a favorite?
 Both this picture and the one below are how I wear blazers most, with jeans and flats to run errands or just get about town. Swap in nice pants and you've got my work attire.

 I rarely wear heels as I have huge foot issues I won't go into here but I love both these looks. I might do silver flats instead of pumps and I love the leopard clutch!

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