Monday, June 9, 2014

In the Pursuit of Polish

If I had to chose a word that represents how I present myself to the outside it would be polished. I've always been a classic dresser and not trendy in the least but I've always felt that polish eludes me.
This top outfit is my favorite casual look. Dark jeans, nice top, usually white but often striped, blazer (either black or navy), flats and a big tote. I might swap the blazer for a draped cardi but this is pretty much my casual uniform. 

And this is pretty much my work uniform. Nice trousers, pretty top, jewelry and nice bag. I have foot issues so I mostly wear flats. My color scheme tends towards black, gray and camel with red and forest green as my accent colors.
For years it's felt like I have all the pieces but somehow they don't add up. I've finally decided that the piece of polish that I've been missing is the confident attitude that goes with it. My clothes and accessories are fine, it's the me inside them that's the final piece. How about you? What word best describes you and how did you figure it out?

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  1. These are such nice, elegant clothes. The first group of clothing fits my life style as a stay at home mom. I would feel at ease in this outfit and at times I would probably add a brooch or floral necklace. The title of my mom fashion blog sums up my style on most occasions. I love preppy styles but there is a quirky side that loves animal prints, vintage and statement necklaces.
    Have a great Friday evening,