Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brooks Brothers

I love Brooks Brothers, hands down my favorite place. When I worked in downtown SF I used to walk up to their store just off Union Square and wanted around, just enjoying the ambiance. I think I mentioned that I have been doing some serious thinking about what style was truly me and editing my closet to reflect it. Brooks Brothers is the best representation of that for me. I love the look above. Their signature tartan is one of my favorites. It's navy and red and green and a little camel thrown in. All my favorite colors! I have a cashmere ruana from Brooks Brothers in a bright red that my hubby have me for Christmas that I love. In our more temperate climate here in Northern California, I often wear it over a blazer during the winter instead of a coat. Especially now that I'm not commuting via BART. But what I love about Brooks Brothers isn't just this look, it's the embrace of the put together.

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