Thursday, December 10, 2009

Do bad things come in threes? If so I'm covered

Wow has it been a week. So glad tomorrow is Friday. I'll say upfron that the attached picture has nothing to do with this post's topic. It just makes me smile plus it's been super cold her this week and I wish it had snowed. And after this week, I'll take a smile hands down! First off, I had a meeting with the resrouce teacher and school psycholgist at A's school. He's in the 3rd grade and struggling with language arts. They are going to test him for learnig disabilities, specifically dyslexia. Not surprising since his father has it. It can be hard to hear your child isn't perfect. I have another one who is on the autisic spectrum so I know what it can be like. Secondly, while working from home yesterday so I could attend the above mentioned meeting, I had a tech meltdown. Wiped my blackberry, couldn't get through the company firewall, you name it. I spend about 45 minutes on the phone with the help desk before it finally all got resolved. Finally I had a horrid conversation with my boss about, well basically everything. The environment here isn't very good right now and I had posted for another postion in the company which she found about about. I'm a relatively junior member of her staff and she is not giving me the mentoring and support I was hoping to get. It was just a disapointing conversation. I'm hoping the weekend will be better and I can get it into perspective. Sunday afternoon C's Dasiy troop is singing at the mall. Now that's festive!

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