Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-Bye 2009, Welcome 2010

Well it is New Years Eve, traditionally time to look back and ponder a year gone by and dream about the possibilities in the year to come.

First, the good about 2009. My job remained stable and (fingers crossed) appears to be continuing in the same vein. Hubby, who is self employed, also stablized. Just this time last year he was talking to bankruptcy counsel. All the kids are healthy and doing well in school. Even O, who has his own set of issues is thriving in kintergarden.

Now, the things about 2009 I won't miss and hope improve about 2010. The debt level in the house is high and I'm hoping to serriously make a dent in 2010. Hubby was out of work for nearly 2 years and the started his own buisness. During that same 2 years I was a stay at home mom to one child and also had twins which totally depleted our saving and run up some credit card debt. With things stabilizing this year, and me working now, at least it isn't getting any worse.

2010, gosh just 10 years ago we all thought the world was going to end with Y2K. How much has changed. My hopes for 2010 are that things will improve all over. I really dislike the negative tone in so much of the country. I'm hoping for good news all around. So Happy New Years to everyone and best wishes for a healthy, happy 2010!


  1. Joining you in a toast to a happy and healthy 2010 with an increase of cheer all around.

  2. I hope 2010 will be a fantastic and prosperous year for you! I think everyone had a tough 2009!

  3. Happy New Year...

    I am following your blog for one reason. That reason? You mentioned you loved the minnies because they fit your "athletic" legs from swimming distance in school. Sister, I can so relate. :)