Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can you really wear a pencil skirt like this?

I've seen some pictures and a fwe polyvores like this but I am wondering if this can really be done. Can you wear a pencil skirt with flats, or sandles and a casual skirt? I'm especially interested in this for this spring and summer. I grabed the sunshine peony skirt and managed to nab the watercolor floral skrit from last summer over on the JCA exchange. I love them both to death. They are work appropriate for me, I see cardis and my seashell cates as well as blanched almond juliets. But I'd be really up for expanding their rotation. I always thought that flats with pencil skirts was sort of frumpy. Does it depend on the shoe? The skirt length? Advise me please!


  1. I gave this look a solid try because I find the pencil skirts so beautiful! JCrew refuses to do anything but a short short mini, a pencil, or a short wide skirt with ruffles. What happened to the old Jcrew with the modest length skirts in beautiful fabrics? Anyway, I don't have a call for pencil skirts in my life, so I tried this look, and it ended up looking just as you said - frumpy. Not for me.

  2. Absolutely! I hated feeling like I could only wear my pencil skirts in a dressy. I just started with the gladiator sandal and t-shirt... it so works for spring and summer.

  3. I wear my pencil skirts with gladiator sandals and ballet flats. Not a all frumpy. I wear a tee shirt with the skirt to give it a more casual look. You could also take up the skirt by a hem length if you want a shorter look. I wish JC would make a shirt shorter than the pencil but longer than the boxy minis. I think by doing so they would greatly expand their base for skirt buyers.