Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fastest Crewlet Trip in the West

Last Saturday my son A had a birthday party about 25 minutes from our house. It seemed to far to go and come back for a 2 hour party. But I thought, it's about half way to the nearest crewlet, where I had been dying to go. Originally I was thinking that it was only about 20 or more minutes farther down the freeway. Well it turned out to be be 40 minutes away. By the time I realized how far it was, I was committed, well obsessed really with going to the Crewlet.

I drove like a crazy person, fingers clenched on the wheel, contastantly checking both for cops and the clock. I raced into the parkinglot and figured I had 20 minutes tops. Well it was worth it. I snagged the outlet version of the lattice pencil skirt, deco dots mini, deco dots cardigan in shell, fresco print cami, the navy printed beach dress and 2 belts. All in record time.

I think that might be my new Jcrew strategy. They had almost everything from last season, gateau skirts, fresco prints, gladiola prints, dots, giraffe shorts, you name it. I might start waiting a year. It would seem fresh and new since it's not out right now but be way more affordable since I got all of the above for $200. Sound like a good idea to you?

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