Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How I wish it were spring!

Another chilly gray day here in Northern CA. I know we need the rain, drought and all that but I am ready for spring. I'm using this picture because I wish I were there right now! But serriously, I'm all ready for Spring. I have a bright pink pedicure, all ready for peep toed shoes, I've even started putting Jergens natural glow on my blindingly white legs. Nope joy, still in grey tights and and turtlenecks.

I find it funny, every fall, I long to put these same tights and turtleneck on. Ok, not the same ones you understand but the trappings of fall and winter. I dream of flannel slacks and boots, but it stays stubbornly warm here well into October. Then, come spring and I am ready for breezy tees and white jeans and it will rain till May.

Ok, enough whining! I've got my fingers crossed the rain stops because I've serriously got weekend plans all of which invovle the outdoors. Saturday is the opening day of little league, and we have an 11 am game with the 9 year old. Thanksfully he is the only one that plays ball. Sunday darling daughter C is supposed to sell Girl Scout Cookies at the local grocery store, again, outside. Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

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