Thursday, March 25, 2010

New arrivials and some musings on personal style

Well I stopped by the B & M store at San Franciso Center yesterday on my way home. I have to say my reaction was "meh". I like the bright colors and that tunic dress was gorgeous but that style does nothing for me I really have no wear to wear it any way. In general I felt like it was over priced and just more of the same. On a side note, I did love the new pencil skirts, turkish delight was delightful and both the floral skirts were pretty. However, I have my beloved sunshine peony skirt and the watercolor floral skirt from last year. I am wondering how many floral pencil skirts a girl needs? I might cave on the purple one. I did grab a chambray pop over for only $29.99 and the new hat tee.

It led me however to more musings on my own personal style. I have been pruning and weeding out my closet. Things that don't fit or that don't fit well are going and things that fit the life I wish I had instead of the life I do have are also going. I'm starting to like what remains. Basically, I wear pencil skirts with cardigans and/or button down Jcrew shirts most days. Weekends are jeans or skinny pants (think minnies and cafe capris) with flats or sandals. I'm trying for a refined and polished look that isn't old or boring. 40 is around the corner and I intend to look great when I get there!

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