Friday, August 6, 2010

Pearl or Carbon?

The one thing I will have from the early fall rollouts at J Crew is the new perfect pencil skirt. I missed out on last years version in all but the blossom color and have been reduced to stalking the JCA exchange and ebay with limited luck. I went into my local J Crew on my way home today and the one color they had in my size was the greenish bronze color. It fit and felt great but totally not my color.
If you saw my post below about a signature color you will understand when I say my winter "color scheme" is gray, black and white. I have a red Lady Day coat that rocks. So, I'm in need of a gray one. I went on line and there are 2 choices, the lovely pearl color on the model, although I don't care for how it is styled or this lovely dark gray color called Heather Carbon. I am drawn to the light gray color but considering that much of the time I will be wearing it with black tights as the winter approaches maybe the darker color is a better choice. Also, I'm thinking the darker color might be a more slimming choice?
Maybe I should bite the bullet and grab both before it is to late? What do you think? And if anyone has last years version in that great plum or blue color, sz 10 that you don't want anymore, be sure and let me know!

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