Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hi there, actually blogging from home today as there is a sick child on my sofa. He's been having asthma trouble the last couple of days. When it gets hot here in the Bay Area and there is no wind like we normally have the air quality gets awful. Anyway, as we were getting out the car at school it dawned on that this was not a well child. Teary eyes, dark circles, flushed cheeks. In good conscience I couldn't leave him at school. I was also certain that if I did, they would call me just as I arrived at my office and say he had thrown up in class and come get him. Anyway, I brought him home with me. That's what sick days are for right?

But I digress, I really wanted to talk about shopping at Nordstroms. Do any of you do that? I got a cataloge with the above picure in it and I am just digging the outfit. It's totally how I hav been dressing these days. Ever since I had to swear off my high heels and live in flats or very low heels, this look just works better for me. Plus in financial services, it buys you a little more crediblity when everyone else around you is an older white man. I went to their website and it is the Halogen brand which I have never heard of. The items had good reviews on the Nordies web site and I ordered all 3 for $156 and free shipping. Seemes like a pretty good deal. Some of the other outfits looked interesting. Has anyone had experience with this brand or Nordstroms?

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  1. I love Nordstrom. It's one of the things that I miss the most about movingf rom Charlotte. We are getting one in Nashville soon. You will love anything you buy there and they send great coupons. I got started with them when pregnant - they had petite maternity clothes which are always hard to find. They are known for being a fantastic place to buy bras too. Hope you like your stuff!