Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Being a big girl

You know how they say "be a big girl"? I'm sure I say that to my daughter. Well I am sucking it up and being a big girl about the holidays this year. A few years ago I managed to work out a reasonable Thanksgiving/Christmas trade off which made both my husband and my mother happy. Not an easy task. But it worked. Anyway, a monkey wrench was thrown in this year. It is a Thanksgiving with my parents and Christmas at home year. However, my parents just sold their house and the one they are moving into won't be done in time so they are essentially living in the flat over their barn. Not enough room for everyone. I say to my mom, "don't worry, that's why you have grown up daughters. We can all come to my house or go to my sisters." She responds, "no we are going to go to Acapolco to visit friends. Aren't you coming? " My sister and her family are going. Start of big girl time. My husband owns his own small business. As in it's him and 2 other employees. He just can't be gone from Wednesday to Tuesday which are the travel plans they made. I felt oddly grown up whe I told my husband I totally understood and if that's how it had to be then I was fine. I guess I'm a big girl now.

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