Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Better Kind of Beauty?

I don't exactly consider myself a "style blogger". But I read alot of them. As the mother of a daughter who is about to be 8, I do worry about the pressure on girls to be "pretty". Not just pretty but to look a certain way. Namely thin and blond. That's one of the reasons I love that the US Women's soccer team is going to the finals of the Worlds Cup! Look at Hope Solo (she plays goalie) for example. She's strong and toned. From her pictures it even appears she might be wearing a little makeup and has had her eye brows done. She appears to care about her appearence. Best of all, no one is judging her on it. No one is wondering if she's had botox or telling her she should lose weight or wondering about her dress size. Instead she looks strong, confident and yes, pretty and feminine too. Now that's a person I want my daughter to look up to. Now that's a role model.

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