Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What to wear when you aren't at work

I've noticed a hole in my wadrobe recently and it's casual weekend wear. I had this down when I was a stay at home mom. Having morphed into a working mom I am set for pencil skirts, work trousers and good tops. I'm also covered if I am coaching AGB's baseball team or horse riding with CMB. I'm even covered if I have something special in the evening. However, if I am running around doing errands or having brunch/shopping with a friend or watching (as opposed to coaching) one of the kids activities then I am at a bit of a loss.

This is my current fashion problem. I want to look pulled together and moderately stylish. But for a weekend I want to be comfortable as I can. Call it "relaxed elegance" The trouble with that is that often my idea of "elegance" does not fit with my idea of relaxed. Still I'm going to try and define what relaxed elgance could look like, since it's me there has to be a classic twist. If you are more funky consider adding your own twist whether it be edgey, punky or country.

First, consider the right basics. They shold be well done but don't have to be insanely expensive. Consider what might happen if you step in mud or have to deal with other potential messes of a weekend type. However, that is not an excuse for worn, stained or ill fitting.

Second, think about you. What works for your life and your body type. I am comfortable in boot cut jeans, waist defining tops, blazers and comfortale flat shoes. Find what works and replicate it.

Third, think about color. If I could wear granimals I would. I tend to pick a color schem and stick with it. Right now it is navy, gray and white. For a splash of color I usually chose green. Figure out what suits you and go with it. Don't be afraid of brights if you like them, coral, red, yellow.

Fourth, look at the fabics you are using. It is a requirement for me that my weekend clothes be washable. I don''t want to wear a dry clean only blouse to a little league baseball game. Still, a cotton/silk blend blouse or tee has a lovely drape and somehow looks a little more pulled together. Jcrew makes some lovely blouses like that. The same principal applies to tees, consider a model blended top as opposed to the college tee. The fit is nicer.

Fifth, get good pants. These can be jeans (in whatever shape you prefer), Khakis, capris or even a nice pair of jersey draw string pants. Pay attention to shape and fit. Just to be clear, your lulu lemon workout pants don't count here. We are shooting to get above that look.

Sixth, think about shoes. During the winter I lived in my hunter wellies because we had such a wet winter in Northern CA. When it was cold I had the fleece sock liners. These don't have to be dressey but should not be cheap and should work with your choice of pants. Loafers, driving mocs, gladiator sandles take your pick. Cheap rubber flip flops? No, save those for the pool or beach.

Seventh, have a few informal basics. A short trench, a sweater pea coat, a knit jacket, a pretty scarf. These can help elevate your look and yet remain casual.

Eight, think about accessories. These don't need to be elaborate. A fun watch, a cute bracelet. This is a great way to show your fun style.

Finally, think about your hair and other personal grooming items. I don't feel you need to go all out in your grooming routine as you might do for a Monday morning meeting but please, wash your face and comb your hair. No fair sticking on a baseball hat. That look has it's place but not here. My hair is about shoulder length right now and I am tending to the smooth pony with a fun clip. I also try and add a tinted mositurizer and lip gloss. Takes 5 miutes and goes a long way.

The above is actually what I strove for as a stay at home mom and would work equally well for all most any non-professional office type wear. What's your style? Is it different on the weekend?

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  1. I have been thinking about this lately too. I am okay with my work clothes, but struggle with "mom" clothes and weekend wear. Thanks for these tips!