Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can Kate Bring Back Hose?

Ok, I apologize for yet another Kate Middleton based post. I've been looking at the pictures of the recent royal trip through Canada and LA and drooling at her clothes. You have too, admit it. One thing has struck me, she's clearly wearing hose. Sheer nude hose!? Wow, I thought those went out with the dodo birds. Now she's not wearing white nylons or some weird non leg colored hose. But she clearly is wearing very nice, very sheer nude hose. So are they coming back? There seem to be two schools of thought around hose. One is that they are a torture device and should be left for dead on the side of the road. The other is that they really can look elegant and keep your feet from chafing and sweating in your shoes. I confess that I am in the second camp. As long as they are good quality, sheer hose I don't mind wearing them. I've never found them to be all that uncomfortable. Now, I live in Northern California where it does not get thathot. I could see they might be be great in Atlanta or Florida in July and August. There is a third school of thought which is that she is just following royal protocal. Maybethose Brits are just more formal than we crazy Americans are? Note that most of her shoes are closed toe pumps? The one time she was wearing a peep toe shoe, she did not have on hose. I think that hose with a lovely dress and pumps is perfectly appropriate and I confess that I sort of hope they come back. I am all for dressing up. Yes, I love pretty dresses and nice clothes. I am not a khaki pant and polo girl. What do you all think?


  1. I notices the same thing.
    I have to wear a compression stocking on one leg as it is (talk about hot in the summer). But am of the thought that it might be of a help with comfort too.

  2. I'm definitely in favor of hose. I think that they just make you look more polished, and they definitely protect your feet. Maybe they'll come back!