Monday, October 31, 2011

Opening Meet

This past weekend was the opening meet for the Los Altos Hounds. We were a little anxious because it was the first time that CMB's new horse Dancer had been out on a formal hunt. We've had him out several times during the pre-season autum hound training but a full on hunt is a little different and opening meet is a big deal. I am thankful to report that he was very good. The weather was quite warm and dry here in NorCal but we still had a great time.

Hopeful wants out of the trailer! I love the hounds. They are so sweet and darling.

This is our whole group. From left to right are my father, me, CMB, my mom and my sister.

Mom, me and CMB. Getting ready to go!

CMB calls my father Abu. I've been taking this same shot of the two of them every year at opeing since her first opening meet when she was 3. She is 8 now and this is her 5th opening meet.

CMB and Dancer. The begining of a wonderful new partnership. He's about 15 hand high so she ought to do for her for the next several years. By next season they should be ready to go first field and jump.

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