Monday, May 14, 2012

Defining a personal style

Do you have a personal or signature style?  Does it change or evolve?  I've always been considered  a preppy type.  Button downs, sweaters, capri pants etc.  My office style has been skirts (yes mostly JCrew) with a blouse or cami and a cardigan topped off with heels.  Lately though, I have been thinking about a change.  This is partly driven by the growing issues I am having with my ankle and knee.  When I was 9, a horse I was riding slipped and fell, which crushed my anke and knee between her body and the ground.  As a result, I have increasingly sever arthritis issues in those joints.  Heels just aren't cutting it.  My doctor is after me to switch to flat shoes on a more permanent basis.  For a while I have been just ignoring him and wearing my heels but when then resulting pain keeps me awake at night and is starting to limit my physical exercise, it is time for a change.  I don't have to wear a suit to the office.  The same blouses and cardis and vlazers would likely still work. 

The second reason I am thinking about a chance is that  I have finally accepted that my weekend style is not very fancy.  Those moms you see on the weekend in a cute sundress and wedges? Not me.  I coach little league and girls lacrosse and also play tennis.  My weekend style is work out pants and a tee with athletic shoes and a sweatshirt when it is cool and cutoffs and tees with the same shoes in the summer.  So all those fun dresses and skirts hang unworn in my closet. 

I'm carefully editing my closet.  If I can wear it to work and it could do duty on the weekend like J Crew perfect shirts or chino shorts it can stay.  Some heels will survive too.  A girl has to have perfect black heels and a nice pair of nude ones too.  But alot of the pencil skirts and funky but painful shoes will go.  Right now its a work in progress but I will keep you posted!

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  1. I used to wear heels and loved them and they were comfortable. I had to give them up for back and neck health issues and I cannot wear them even if I wanted too...all my shoes are flats. For summer wear, I own dressy Birks that are black patent leather and another pair that is jeweled and another fancy silver pair, etc. Always on the look out for fancy Birks to support my back:) issue. I am so used to it after 10 1/2 years...The teachers I work with always compliment me on my Birks--I own so many that are unique and "dressy."